Uranus in Taurus 2018-25

May 2018 – Jul 2025

Crisis and Revolution to Awaken to Nature and Basic Needs

Uranus moving into and through Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac, leads us into the second stage of the 84 year cycle, and grounds and solidifies the pioneering spirit and ground-breaking ideas that emerged while Uranus was in Aries, so the radical ideas, leaders and movements that came to prominence during that period are likely to play an important role in bringing in ground-breaking change. Uranus brings crisis and revolution, enlightenment, technological and scientific innovation, new ways and much-needed change, combined with the necessary destruction of the old and stagnant, and in Taurus this means in the physical and material aspects of life, such as the Earth itself and the natural world, in money, property, land and territory, food, farming, production and consumption, industry and manufacturing, housing and construction.

During this period, through crises and destabilisation, there is an awakening to the natural world, to nature and the need for radical change in how we provide for our basic needs and sustain ourselves physically as part of the earth. New, more enlightened methods and means come to the fore, based on the latest technology and scientific discoveries, with new ideas that are unconventional and go against tradition and what was. It therefore means a break from the past and a move into the future in the provision of homes, in the ownership of assets, in how we earn a living, in our work practices and routines, in what and how we produce and consume, in what is of true, solid value. It highlights the changes needed to keep what we consider ours and ourselves well and secure, so encourages new kinds of containment, protectionism and safe-guards. It can mean the break-up of traditional territories and the creation of new self-contained and independent lands, states and nations, new borders and different kinds of boundaries. It signifies a new way of seeing and understanding the Earth and nature, and of our place in it, as well as a change in how we use the earth’s resources.

The last time Uranus moved through Taurus was from June 1934 to May 1942 , the time of the build up to and the Second World War, when there was a rise in nationalism and hostility to others of a different race, religion and ethnicity. A time when Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and other dictators established their power, unique and powerful leaders who arose during the previous period (while Uranus was in Aries) in response to the wishy-washiness of leaders promoting peace and their lack of response and inaction (while Uranus was in Pisces) to the hardships, humiliation and poverty experienced after WW1.  The denial of basic human necessities, like food and shelter, safety, employment and income, brought about the rise of extremism and very radical solutions, particularly in Germany where there was mass unemployment, the German currency became worthless, people were starving and homeless, and the Versailles Treaty had forced disarmament and the impossibly high payment of reparations. Have we learned the lessons of this period?

A similar situation now exists in the world and we need some radical but also sensible and practical solutions. Everyone needs food, shelter, the comfort of home, their own safe territory, the means to earn a living and the necessary employment and income to value and sustain themselves (Taurus).  Yet many people throughout the world are denied these basic human needs and rights. There is rising homelessness, the continued displacement and migration of millions, people unsafe and insecure, their lives and livelihoods threatened, going hungry and sick, unable to provide for themselves and with no sense of self value. There has been a decrease in real incomes, in employment and living standards, a rise in food banks, incomes subsidised by welfare benefits, and all this while greed, gluttony, rampant consumerism and the pursuit and hoarding of wealth has gone unchecked. Life on earth itself is threatened by global pollution, climate change, the poisoning of the soil and wildlife, the exploitation of the earth’s resources in unsustainable ways and to ever-increasing dangerous levels. Uranus awakens us to such problems and urges us to devise radical new ways to deal with them. It is a time for a revolution in agriculture, in production and work practices, a consumer revolution, a change in what is valued, a different kind of economy based on down-to-earth, solid values and for everyone to have a home and a living and be able to use their own unique talents to be productive. It is also time for a new clarity in seeing and understanding the Earth and nature and the Earth’s place in the cosmos.

This period while Uranus transits Taurus is a time when the failure of society to recognise and to act upon such problems can no longer be ignored because a sudden backlash rips things up (as happened after the First World War) so we can no longer rely on what has been. There is a rude awakening to our denial of nature and the basic necessities of life for all and our over-emphasis on materialism, consumerism, greed, gluttony, laziness and keeping things as they are. It means the fall of old structures that have in the past kept things stable, but have become stagnant, no longer suited to the needs of today. Crisis point is reached and like an earthquake, the cracks and weaknesses already present are blown apart, and shock waves course through, causing a shattering and break-up of the ground we assumed to be solid. The divisions in society, which came to the fore while Uranus was in Aries, reach breaking point and the pressure from the movements and leaders seeking change, which arose during that time, can no longer be contained. The divisions become entrenched with tribal groups arising and coalescing,and there is tribal war. Mass insecurity and destabilisation gives rise to new forms of protectionism and self-containment, to xenophobia, racism and apartheid, the break-up and threat to traditional communities. There can be protests, uprisings and revolts over land, food, jobs, money and places to live, devastation to the land, to the earth itself, the shattering of lives and livelihoods, the destruction of homes, a breakdown of current economic systems, the collapse of traditional agriculture and production, crises in construction, housing and food supply, unemployment and the collapse of consumerism. Natural disasters, lightning strikes, splits, breakdowns, destruction, rebellions and revolutions (Uranus) take place to awaken us out of our stupor and lethargy, to shake things up, shock us and force change.

CHANGES TO THE EARTH: Uranus in Taurus can mean destruction to land and to the earth as we know it. Climate change is creating increasingly erratic weather patterns, causing floods, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, wild fires etc natural disasters that suddenly destroy land, homes, agriculture, buildings etc, the basis of what feeds us and keeps us secure and comfortable and allows us to go about our daily lives. The destruction of such areas is to force us to come up with innovative solutions that work in harmony with nature and not against it. How we use such affected land and territory inevitably has to change and we have to learn an alternate mindset.  The emphasis on economic growth and profit-making, rampant consumerism and a throw-away culture is causing ever-increasing global pollution and the over-exploitation of the earth’s resources. These problems are threatening the destruction of life on earth as we know it; they are causing a changing of the seasons, the extinction of plants and animals, a decrease in bio-diversity disturbing natural food chains. They are impacting the natural cycles to such an extent that they are likely to collapse and bring an end to what feeds us and sustains us. This is a time to open our eyes to the earth and how it works, to its natural cycles and processes and to the sustainable use of its riches, and to open our minds to new theories and ideas which may be contrary to what we think we know. A clearer understanding comes about through new scientific discoveries that may shock but also enlighten us.

NEW BOUNDARIES & BORDERS : Uranus in Taurus highlights insecurity and the changes needed to keep ours and ourselves secure, so encourages new kinds of protectionism and how we provide safe-guards. There is likely to be new kinds of self-containment and self-contained units to repel outsiders and intruders that threaten what is ours and our well-being with more entrenched borders and new technologies to guard them. It means conflict and division over the ownership and occupation of land and territory and the break up of previous territories and borders in order to establish new ones. This can mean a rise in protests and uprisings for independence, the rise of nationalism and racism, groups separating themselves from others of a different identity and what’s gone before, the creation of new territorial regions based on cultural, religious or historical identities, and new nations arising that see themselves as separate from others with new kinds of borders and boundaries for protection, defence and self-containment.

CHANGES TO HOUSING,  BUILDING & THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: There has been increasing homelessness throughout the world as millions have had to leave their homes due to war, persecution and poverty or because, as in the UK, they simply cannot afford a place to live. Unregulated housing markets, uncapped rents and the failure of successive governments to realise that this basic need of everyone for housing has to be met has lead to a housing crisis. The unchecked greed of banks, mortgage lenders, landlords, property owners and investors, property developers and property dealers has meant housing costs have rocketed so are beyond the reach of most people. Some appalling conditions have had to be tolerated by tenants out of fear of having nowhere to live. People are having to spend a much greater percentage of their income on housing costs, and welfare benefits have been necessary to subsidise rents. So this period is likely to see a crash in the housing market, shocks to landlords, the destabilisation of the way housing is provided and built, the collapse of current construction companies using old stagnant, unsustainable methods, rebellions against the systems that perpetuate a lack of homes and homelessness.

Uranus in Taurus means radical changes in housing and its provision, so there are likely to arise new kinds of home ownership, new kinds of property dealers and landlords, a new way of building, renting, buying and selling property. It means a modernisation of homes, revolutionary types of buildings, more technological and experimental, different kinds of ownership, previously unheard of, more community housing, group-living, groups taking over land to live sustainably and in line with nature. It includes new innovative methods of building and new inventions in building materials, technologies that emulate nature, such as nanotechnology, construction robots programmed to work together as a swarm (based on how termites build their homes), CO2 converted into solid, carbon-based building materials (inspired by how crustaceans build their rock-hard shells).

CHANGES IN MONEY, EARNINGS & JOBS:  This is a period which revolutionises the way we live and earn a living, which includes changes in incomes and spending, the assets we own and the services we have access to, which give us our own safe space and provide us with comfort, security and physical well-being. A time when the cracks in current economic systems are blown open, giving rise to economic crashes, a collapse in jobs and industry, unemployment and financial insecurity and a crash in consumerism. There is a revolution in money, currencies and banking, involving the destabilisation of finances, shocks to savings, investments and a collapse in the value of shares and material goods. There can be a breakdown of the current banking systems and the capitalist system, a rebellion against the emphasis on continued growth (which is never found in the natural world) and the pursuit of profit at any cost. There can be strikes, protests and uprisings over wealth and resources. Technological advances and innovations in communications, robotics and artificial intelligence revolutionise traditional working practices and jobs and give rise to new work structures and different and unusual ways of earning a living, replacing the old. This can mean an increase in unemployment and the shattering of livelihoods as well as an increase in self-employment, where people use their individuality and innovative ideas to do their own thing to provide for themselves. There can be more enlightened ways to ensure everyone an income that provides their means of sustenance and material well-being, such as a universal basic income, and which allow people to make a living based on who they truly are, to be independent and express their unique talents, quirkiness and genius, which in turn can benefit humankind as a whole.

CHANGES IN METHODS OF PRODUCTION: There can be crises in the production of the everyday necessities of life particularly in the farming, fishing and food production industries, disasters, uprisings and strikes in such areas leading to disruptions in the supply of goods and food shortages. This can bring a greater awareness of how current methods of production do not allow workers to make a decent enough living to provide for themselves and their families, or how methods such as monoculture, industrial agriculture and farming, are causing destruction to nature, soil degeneration and desertification, due to their need for land clearance and intense use of toxic pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers. It is a time for the shattering of old fashioned methods and a movement towards new more enlightened methods which bring radical changes to the way things are produced, to recognise the value of labour, to recognise the ‘use value’ of goods, to be more in line with nature, such as permaculture, regenerative agriculture and holistic and sustainable farming. And to make it more equal and humanitarian throughout the world so that production is for the sustenance of the whole community rather than just for investors to make a profit.

CHANGES IN CONSUMPTION: The change in shopping habits, such as on-line shopping, is creating ever-increasing shocks to and the collapse of traditional retail outlets, shopping centres and high streets. This is a time for the collapse in consumerism and for a consumer revolution – radical changes in what and how we consume, what we eat and use in our daily lives, what we buy and want to own. A time when our attitude to material possessions and what is valued is threatened in order to be more humanitarian, global and in line with nature, more simple and down-to-earth.

HEALTH: Crisis of over-eating, obesity and diabetes leading to discoveries   in ways to tackle them. New discoveries in food and new insights into what is necessary to sustain our physical bodies and maintain physical health. The discovery of ailments related to new technology and its use, particularly nervous disorders.  

An alignment of planets to the earth that usher in a new era with a more cosmic, universal mentality. ‘aliens’ landing on earth. A realisation that the earth is part and parcel of the wider universe.  Land in space.


Rise in protectionism and tribe against tribe mentality: calls for separatism, new borders and independence such as in Catalonia, Kurdistan, Kashmere, Scotland, the UK with Brexit and other European countries wanting to leave the EU. President Trump’s wall with Mexico, trade tariffs USA/China. The rise of group identity politics and the ‘Woke’ movement.

Rising trend of acceptance of the need for mass house-building to address the housing crisis, for eco houses, making homes more energy efficient and less costly. Trends for tiny houses and to live ‘off-grid’, for ‘build your own’ projects -for people to build their own home with their own unique design.

The rise of technology changing lives, livelihoods and jobs, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, drones and driverless cars, blockchains, IOT – the Internet of Things, and the development of mobile broadband, quantum computing, virtual learning. Changes in money, banking and currencies eg the rise of bitcoin, crypto currencies and positive money. A movement towards Universal Basic Income or Citizens Income to ensure a basic income for all, to give independence and allow the expression of unique talents, innovative ideas and inventions.

A growing trend towards Veganism, sustainable agriculture, permaculture, regenerative and holistic farming.

A global increase in protest movements, street demonstrations, strikes and civil disobedience over such issues as the destruction of the earth and nature, crumbling economies, the lack of provision of basic necessities, the rise of living costs, with the target group being governments and the ruling elites who use the police and armed forces to suppress, often brutally, such movements, (see Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Capricorn).  For example:

  • Extinction Rebellion started in May 2018 concerned with climate change, the use of fossil fuels, pollution and the destruction of nature that threatens life on earth; global protests and civil disobedience.
  • France les Gilets Jaunes protests started on 17 November 2018 against rising fuel prices and then escalated to  people protesting against declining living standards in general, rebelling against President Macron and his policies which favour the rich in society. Their demands include a redistribution of wealth, an increase of salaries, pensions, social security payments and the minimum wage, and President Macron’s resignation. Macron was originally seen as a “progressive saviour” (see Uranus in Aries) but proved to be just like the rest of the political establishment favouring the international neo-liberal elites and is cracking down on such dissent by using the state’s armed forces (see Pluto in Capricorn).
  • Sudan protests started in December 2018 in opposition to the rising prices of basic goods especially bread and escalated to the “Sudanese Revolution” calling for economic and political reforms.
  • Brexit in the UK: demanding independence from the European Union and thought to be a protest against the powers that be, immigration policy and austerity measures causing declining living standards. Deep divisions between those for and those against; protests and demonstrations by both. A breakdown of traditional loyalties, tribal politics and splits within traditional UK parties on the right and left.
  • Hong Kong From June 2019 pro-democracy protests and riots against the Chinese government
  • Lebanon: protests over the crumbling economy and people unable to afford even basic goods, calling for reforms and the complete overhaul of the government.
  • Chile – Oct 2019 violent protests over inequality, social injustice and rising living costs
  • Venezuala 2019 violent protests over the shortage of food and goods, a plunging economy and corruption
  • Brazil ongoing protests and riots against corruption and a crumbling economy
  • Catalonia: October 2019 protests and riots against the sentencing of the political leaders, calling for independence from Spain, to 9-13 years imprisonment
  • Haiti: ongoing protests over wealth inequality, economic misery and government corruption, Sep 2019 further protests seeking to oust President Jovenel Moise
  • Iraq: from October 2019 protests over jobs, basic services and corruption
  • Ethiopia: October 2019 violent protests and riots against the government, and ethnic and religious groups