Saturn in Capricorn 2017-20

21 December 2017 – 22 March 2020

A Time of Reckoning for the Establishment

Saturn in Capricorn represents a time of reckoning, a judgement time (Saturn) particularly for those in positions of authority, who have a duty of care to others, whose role it is to ensure the material well-being of others, to protect and defend them, and to provide the necessary organisation, systems, rules and discipline to do this (Capricorn). This includes any kind of parental roles, whether heads of households, organisations or businesses, as well as governments, MPs and ministers, councillors and other government officials. It includes public services, the institutions and structures of law and order, of banking and economic systems, of business and industry, the established church and the armed forces and those who head them, testing if they have done their job responsibly in the interests of society as a whole. (For a more personal interpretation see Saturn in Capricorn Personal)

Saturn tests solidity and soundness by crystalising problems so that they can no longer be ignored, in order to highlight weaknesses and the need to tackle them.  Such problems and difficulties facing the establishment can show how lacking and ill-equipped those in power are, how ineffectual and weak the structures of the institutions that govern society are, how poor at doing a proper job those in responsible positions are. They may be criticised, sacked, punished or imprisoned for their failings and irresponsible behaviour or forced to step up to the plate and take responsible action. The institutions that have propped up the status quo will be forced to recognise their failings and do something about them, or otherwise be weakened to such an extent that they cease to exist. They need to recognise their responsibilities to serve society, evaluate their proper goals and re-organise according to their intended function, which is to do their duty to society.

With Pluto also in Capricorn during this period, the institutions and people that structure and govern society are already under scrutiny and suffering very serious difficulties and challenges, which force them to undergo major change. With Jupiter in Scorpio from October 2017 until November 2018 bringing extra enthusiasm to uncover any secrets, lies and corruption, things could get particularly difficult for any ‘evil-doers’, because it is a time to eliminate what’s rotten in society. With Uranus in Taurus from May 2018 bringing shocks to incomes, ownership and wealth, unexpected changes to territories and borders and a revolution in production and consumerism, governments are likely to be set into a frenzy and will have to come up with some radical solutions to deal with such problems. The conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in January 2020 brings things to a head and signifies a time of serious weakening of the system, when damage to the current establishment and status quo will reach a peak. We can expect something major to happen around this time, which will intensify the demise of the current systems, perhaps the fall of governments, another banking crisis, economic collapse or a war of some kind.

Saturn in Capricorn will bring about an awareness of what is truly important in society, the institutions and organisations needed for the well-being of society, and the necessary steps to achieve the aims of society as a whole, however difficult. The need to take action and work hard to establish responsible governance and just rules, to overcome any obstacles and tackle any fears and difficulties in the process. It demands a need to be realistic and work within existing limitations and with the resources available, however meager. Good organisation and preparation is needed combined with discipline and perseverance in order to restructure and build strong foundations, to establish systems fit for purpose, which will endure into the future. Any government, ruling body or  institution not able to do this is likely to die a death.


January 2018 The collapse of Carillion, a giant UK construction company, responsible for billions of pounds worth of major public sector building and maintenance contracts, highlights the ineptitude of both government and the bosses who ran it. Its collapse (see also Uranus in Taurus) has put at risk thousands of workers’ jobs and thousands of other smaller businesses and sub-contractors dependent upon it, as well as public services and adding a further burden to taxpayers.

January 2018 Those at the head of Nottingham and Liverpool prisons, the prison governors, the directors of the prison service and the government, have been severely criticised when an inspection found the prisons to be cockroach and rat infested, squalid, unsafe, drugs delivered by drones ie not-fit-for-purpose.