Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2023

27 January 2008 – 24 March 2023

A Purging and Transformation of the Establishment

Pluto moving through Capricorn represents a time when powerful forces, previously seething under the surface, held down and out of sight, eventually erupt to transform what was, bringing major challenges, if not destruction (Pluto), to the establishment and the systems, structures, rules and regulations that conserve it (Capricorn). Such forces bring upheavals in the structures of society, in governments and the institutions that rule us, in protection and defence forces, in law and order, in banking and economic systems, in the organisations of business and industry, the established church, the police and armed forces, as they expose the evils and corruption inherent in such, in order to bring about deep change.  Business as usual will be a thing of the past as a major shake-up takes place in the way life is organised and regulated and in the way people are protected and defended.

The last time Pluto transited Capricorn was 1762-1777, the time of the American Revolution and the onset of the industrial revolution, which brought about massive upheavals in society. And the time before that was 1516-1532  which saw the rise of European colonialism of the ‘New World’ and with it global trade, and when the Reformation began, both bringing in deep changes to the world.

With Jupiter in Scorpio from October 2017 until November 2018 bringing extra enthusiasm to uncover any secrets, lies and corruption, things could get particularly difficult for any ‘evil-doers’ and is a time to get rid of all those corrupt and toxic snakes in the grass and eliminate what’s rotten in society. And Saturn joining Pluto in Capricorn from 21 December 2017 to 22 March 2020, adds to the difficulties and seriousness of this transformation, see Saturn in Capricorn, reaching a peak with the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn in January 2020 when we can expect some major crisis to bring society-changing upheaval and a death of the old ways. This conjunction signifies a time of serious weakening of the systems, when irreparable damage to the current establishment and status quo will be inflicted. We can expect something major to happen around this time, which will intensify the demise of the current systems, perhaps the fall of governments, mass protests, strikes, economic collapse or a war of some kind.

During this transformation process, signified by Pluto’s transit of Capricorn, the evils in established institutions are revealed, institutions that until now have been trusted and respected, and therefore obeyed, to maintain order and provide protection and well-being in society. Past secrets and lies are unveiled, corruption is exposed, the greed, lust, tyranny and depravity of those in respected positions is unearthed. Betrayals and dirty dealings by those we have trusted to rule us come to light. Scandals break out. Those who abuse their power and position are named and shamed and their reputations destroyed as the damage and trauma they have caused others is revealed. Cans of worms are opened up, ghosts of the past present themselves, skeletons in the closet come out and smoke-screens created to hide the truth are cleared. There is a powerful urge to purge what is rotten within, to unmask the demons and exorcise evil, often through violent challenge if not destruction and death. This is a time of karma and payback, when evil-doers in powerful positions get their come-uppance.

It is a time to get rid of pollutants, poisons and rubbish in society, to eliminate what is diseased and dirty in our current systems, when the urge to cleanse, declutter and detoxify the rules, the ruling elites and the ruling institutions that govern our lives becomes an important part of collective psychology. There is a tremendous drive for transparency and truth, for proper justice and laws, for clean, responsible government. Children born during this period will have a heightened awareness of the potential abuse of power by those in positions of authority so are likely to mistrust them and challenge them.

During this period of purging, while the establishment makes its desperate last ditch attempts to conserve itself, the powers that be use all the might of their resources to defend and justify the system as it is. There is an obsession with money, material wealth and profit-making, regardless of human suffering, a ruthless defence of aspiration and ambition, regardless of the consequences, and the need for a strict hierarchy, with an emphasis on people ‘knowing there place’ and doing as their superiors dictate. There will be a sense of a regression into Victorian values, where position and wealth define life chances, where the rich get richer and the elite rule, while the poor remain poor and disempowered, and have to suffer supposedly for the sake of society. A time of austerity, punishment and authoritarianism when the elite hold onto the last strings of their failing systems and use the might of law and order forces to clamp down on any dissenters and when strict hierarchical structures limit freedom and movement.

This is a time to scrutinise the way life is organised and the bodies and laws that regulate it. There is a purging of outdated systems and an end to old accepted ways of government and rule. The current structures of economic practices and employment practices as well as of banking, business and industry suffer upheavals, challenges and change. The systems of law and order, including the police, courts, prisons, justice system and protection forces also undergo transformation in order to be organised differently, more responsibly, and in the interests of the societies they are there to look after.

New elders arise to show that all is not gloom and doom and there is another way of running society, elders being people who have gained wisdom through experience, and who take their duty to society seriously (not necessarily old). Such ‘wise elders‘ emerge to reorganise society, to make just laws and to introduce new systems and rules. These are people who are respected and looked up to, a new breed of governors, who genuinely care for the well-being of society as a whole and therefore organise society in the interests of all. People who can be relied upon and trusted (as a child trusts and relies on a protective parent), to properly look after and protect people and to take the necessary responsibility. People who do not abuse their power for selfish gains. Such people have a mighty challenge on their hands as the old elites use all their wealth, position and power to demonise and destroy them. But there is such a tremendous ground swell of anti-establishment feeling, such a powerful emerging social consciousness, long sickened by the evils, the corruption and the poisons that have previously gone unchallenged, that the previously privileged and powerful and their not-fit-for-purpose institutions are eventually destroyed. The old order dies as new fledgling systems and organisations arise out of the turmoil, initially vulnerable and weak, but gaining strength and giving hope for the future.


Challenges to traditional hierarchies and governments: Arab Spring, challenges to the EU including Brexit and the migrant crisis, challenges to western power in general. ISIS – violent challenge to the global status quo, with their ruthless determination to destroy what they see as evil in society. Kim Jong-un and North Korean nuclear weapons threaten the complacency of established world leaders and institutions like NATO. The international involvement in the wars and collapse in Syria and Libya. The collapse in Venezuela, the corruption of elections in Kenya. Independence and separatist movements threatening traditional nation states: the rise and success of the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) in the UK, the Kurds in Iraq demanding their own state of Kurdistan, the independence movement in Catalonia challenging the Spanish government and its constitution and elsewhere in Europe, Flanders, Lombardi and Veneto in Italy, all such movements challenging the unity of established states as well as the EU (also see Uranus in Taurus which augurs the breaking down of previous territories and borders and new ones being established.) A purging in Saudi Arabia of corrupt ministers and princes. Demonstrations all over the world including in Russia and China, unheard of before, against the corruption in governments and the ruling elites. And the backlash from the establishment attempting to suppress such movements often violently and brutally, such as the police (supposed to protect citizens) violently removing people attempting to vote in Catalonia’s independence referendum, the leader Puigdemont threatened with a 30 year prison sentence. Activists in such movements, particularly the leaders, being punished, threatened, imprisoned and demonised, the mainstream media supporting the establishment making out such movements are bad for society.

Upheavals in economies and banking: 2008 collapse of banks and banking crisis, through toxic debts, greed and dodgy dealings of bankers and lack of regulation by governments of the banks – all exposed. Including the loan to Greece from the EU with its impossible repayments (against the democratic wishes of the people). Revelation of the obscene amassing of wealth by those at the top, excessive executives’ and bankers’ pay and bonuses. Greed and cheating, with complicity of governments and tax laws, exposed,  avoidance of taxes by big business, off-shore tax havens, MPs’ expenses scandals; corruption in governments exposed.

Wikileaks, a website set up to allow whistle-blowers to release anonymous documents, has been publishing secret documents related to governments, intelligence agencies, the military, big corporations, the global economy, international politics and wars to reveal corruption and dodgy dealings and truths previously kept hidden.  exposing for example unarmed Iraqis being gunned down by an American helicopters, the true human cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, extrajudicial killings in Kenya, a report on toxic waste dumping on the Ivory Coast, Guantanamo Bay detention camp procedures and material involving large banks. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, a hero to anti-establishment activists, has been threatened by various governments and demonised as a criminal or terrorist by the establishment. Chelsea Manning, a US soldier, leaked information about the US military to WikiLeaks and was jailed for 7 years for espionage.

The Panama Papers exposed the dirty secrets of those at the top and in ruling institutions and has caused trouble for national leaders around the world. They revealed the secret wealth of the elites, the misappropriation of government funds and money stached in offshore companies in tax-havens and in properties in London (driving up house prices there to obscene levels and destroying local communities, which the UK government has been complicit in). For example, Pakistans’s prime minister in power for 30 years ousted for corruption, fraud and forgery. Iceland’s prime minister had to resign because of hiding millions behind a secretive offshore company and links to investments in failed banks. The father of UK prime minister David Cameron found to have run an investment fund that did not pay any UK tax on its profits. In Russia a $2billion network of deals and loans that benefitted some of the country’s most powerful people, including friends of Putin. In China 8 senior members of the Communist Party revealed to have used off-shore companies (the government subsequently blocked access to the Panama papers online.) In Australia hundreds of names and billions of dollars in tax evasion investigations. Evidence of such wrong-doing all over the world.

The Paradise Papers published 2017 revealing further dodgy dealings and investments in offshore tax havens by the super rich to avoid taxes, many of which are legal but questionably immoral (see Jupiter in Scorpio) and question the laws and systems that allow this. The Queen having £10 million invested offshore …  more still to be revealed.

The exposure of the manipulation by global elites and ‘banksters’ of national governments and global organisations, and their power to destabilise national economies and currencies and sponsor wars to destabilise and destroy nation states, to pollute the environment and destroy bio-diversity in order to retain their power as global corporate giants – the oil, bio-tech, pharmaceutical, drugs and arms industries.

In the UK – abuse of power and corruption within police and government during the miners’ strike and Hillsborough disaster exposed 2016. Failure in duty of care of high officials exposed by investigations into the Grenfall Tower fire (2017). Sexual abuse by those at the top exposed, those in highly respected positions – the church, politicians, army, police, celebrities. Complicity of the police and other officials in not bringing to justice those responsible exposed. For example, in the Rochdale and other abusive sex rings cases the victims (teenage girls) were ignored  for years by those who should have been looking after them, who were more concerned with being judged racist and not politically correct (as the majority of the abusers were Pakistani) than with their proper function of carrying out the law to protect the welfare of children.

November 2017 A purging of Westminster of those abusing their power and committing sexual harassment and assault and new systems to address this agreed by the leaders of the political parties. see Jupiter in Scorpio

Regression into Victorian type of mentality – since the banking crisis of 2008 (when Pluto first entered Capricorn) there has been an agenda throughout the world of austerity and harshness, mean and punishing.  A rise in the attitude that the poor, ill and disadvantaged  are ‘undeserving’ of help and support – its their own fault; including the refugees and migrants from the east and Africa – allowed to suffer or die in their attempt to cross the Mediterranean. Blaming people for what they are suffering instead of those in power taking responsible action. Suffering accepted as part of the natural order. Stark differences between the rich and the poor, the advantaged and disadvantaged.  Cuts in social and health care, wages, benefits and public services, NHS in crisis, the rise and necessity of foodbanks. People working but still cannot afford to rent or buy a place to live or feed themselves. Complicity of governments in the housing crisis. Increase in insecure and poor working conditions, zero hours contracts, temporary contracts, reductions in pay, reductions in breaks, forced overtime etc. Abuse of employment laws eg Sports Direct, JD Sports, Asos and Boohoo etc. TUC found 3.2 million workers are in precarious jobs (2016). Deterioration of workers’ rights and law changed to limit trades unions and the right to strike.

Traditional political parties dying out: wipe-out of the UK Liberal Party in 2015 elections; right and left parties in France with the election of Macron; Brexit vote 2016 contrary to most mainstream politicians who wanted to remain in the EU.  Donald Trump elected president in USA affecting the world order (also see Uranus in Aries ie shocking emergence of unexpected leaders). In Britain, Jeremy Corbyn, elected (twice) for leader of the Labour Party, leading to divisions and break down of the Labour Party as it traditionally was. His rise in popularity as an elder, (an MP of many years with great experience and integrity) who has constantly and consistently argued for peoples’ rights, against the powers that be, despite being criticised and maligned by the traditional media and those who want to maintain the system as it is.

The power of traditional media being challenged by the internet, alternative news websites and social media, so people no longer have to rely on the biased views of the media moguls like Rupert Murdoch for the news and can form new protest groups and organisations.

14 thoughts on “Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2023”

  1. This is so accurate, thank you. I see this happening in the news, giants in film & TV industries being taken down by the #MeToo movement. You see it happening in U.S. politics too, and hopefully Trump gets kicked out of office for his collusion with Russia which won him his seat in the Oval Office.


    1. How very wrong you are Tina. Yes I’m sure that Trump is no angel, but, believe me, the people he is up against are the very opposite of angelic. They may come across as the ‘good ones’ but this could not be further from the truth. I think that at this point in time, in the US and the UK, the opposite of what you are being ‘fed’ is probably true and vice versa. Believe nothing and look behind the lies.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And thank you Fay for your fascinating astrology pages. Wonderful and informative.


    2. Update 2020!! 10/20:
      The whole Russia Trump thing has officially been debunked. The Democrats completely fabricated this with sign off from Obama himself while he was still president. A whole list of declassifieds are available, so if you don’t believe it, look it up. We have some diabolical people in office, and believe it or not , it ain’t Trump. The Democratic Party among many famous money celebrities, are getting the curtain pulled up on them, and they realize Trump is blowing shit outa the water, and they are scrambling. This is just the beginning of the sad times we face…

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  2. I just came across this article and am definitely struck by how accurate it really is. Coronavirus and quarantine, the wealthy elite, the police reforms, fashion reform, Black Lives Matter, etc. There are so many movements in just two years it’s unreal. Definitely an overthrow of society as we know it. Your article is right on.


  3. I have been referencing this article for a while now, noting its timeliness where Coronavirus is concerned. The first documented case, outside of China, was in Indonesia on January 13th, 2020 – the day after the conjunction. Let that sink in.

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  4. im always amazed when i read so accurate predictions and can compare them with what really happend! congratulations!

    i wonder right now if the period pluto in capricorn will end with a maybe even bigger economic and banking crisis then it started….?


  5. Just read this. I knew all this was happening but as I read this I realized something I have been looking for. I have studied the Bible for 50 years and knew when the virus hit that we were in Ch. 18 of Revelations. This is about economic, government, legal and monetary crisis in systems world wide. In verse 4 God calls “His people” to come out of these systems, that I have discovered some that began in Babylon some 3000 years ago (monetary and law). Those that do not change their systems (one recent warning to do so was in 2001, another 2008 and now again) will experience the plagues known as the vials of the Wrath of God. No nation has followed this command and everyone is experiencing these plagues. Seven plagues are listed, but remember that throughout the Bible 7 indicates an undetermined factor, whether it be time or duration. These “plagues” will continue until these systems fall. The “two witnesses”are two nations that will fall in this process (see Isaiah 43: 10, and 44:1-8, it would be good to read both chapters). These are the nations of Ephraim and Manasseh as portrayed in end time prophesy concerning Israel, beginning with chapter 49 of Genesis. The systems of these nations will fall and rise again. The question is how long each process will take. Rev. 18 is about the fall , 19 and 20 the cleansing (or harvest in the end time parable of the wheat and tares in Matt. 13, among other end time parables)., and finally the judging. Rev. 21 and 22 are about the rise of new systems and a New Heaven and New Earth. I knew we were in chapter 18 when the virus hit, but I was still confused about how this played out into the final chapters. I see it much more clearly now, and feel peace concerning God’s plan once more. I was afraid that if Christians failed to understand where we were at in Bible prophecy it might allow the rising of a more corrupt and powerful regime that would be a long time in taking down. But Astrology has restored my faith that somehow the world will realize what is going on and look for the more righteous systems to rise out of this chaos. God always says to look for more than one version of things and that if you can find at least one other source to verify it , you can trust what you believe is the truth. This article verified to me that my interpretation is on track and the best thing I can do from here on is trust the gifts of the spirit I have been blessed with. The strongest of those being Intuition, wisdom and knowledge concerning God’s plan for this planet.


  6. I am truly fascinated by your uncanny astrological interpretation of Pluto’s current transit in Capricorn. In addition to your statement : “Increase in insecure and poor working conditions, zero hours contracts, temporary contracts, reductions in pay, reductions in breaks, forced overtime etc. Abuse of employment laws …” I believe that for many years actors and many others in the film and television industries are held captive in order to bring these works to completion. I also believe (and wish I had proof) that many actors are being killed, for real, in these works. If we see them after the film or show has been aired, I believe they have been replaced by either twin or triplet. I encourage you to watch the film The Prestige. I have also experienced an unprecedented amount of corruption in my local police department.


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