Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018-19

9 November 2018 – 3 December 2019

Widening Horizons and Moving On

While the Planet Jupiter transits Sagittarius, from 9 November 2018 to 3 December 2019, visions of a new future are likely to abound both personally and globally, with a multitude of advocates for a more moral and ethical world appearing. There is a strong urge to move on, to improve things, to have more freedom of movement, to accept and learn from other cultures and beliefs, to make the world a better place. So there is likely to be an increase in people on the move, searching for a new and better life. The quest for something more means restlessness is likely to be rife but a much greater sense of optimism, for what can be, uplifts and energises, to give a much greater faith in the future and even the belief in miracles!  

Sagittarius is a restless, freedom-loving, fun-loving sign symbolised by the Archer aiming his arrows high, far and wide, and the Centaur, half human half horse, representing human consciousness combined with the instincts and speed of the horse, It is therefore associated with travel, of the mind, body and spirit, and the understanding of life we gain from such travel. It is the sign of the explorer, rarely happy with the here and now, but wanting the freedom always to go further and experience new adventures, explore other cultures and ways of life, and gain wisdom from them. As a perpetual student of life and all it has to offer, Sagittarius is eager to move on, to experience life to the full and learn all there is to learn. He is interested in morality and ethics and can be very principled and high-minded.

Jupiter is the Planet of Expansion, Improvement and Opportunity, and is also the Ruler of Sagittarius, so is particularly strong during the year it transits Sagittarius. So this is definitely a time to expand our horizons, and to go beyond what is already familiar to us. It is a time to learn, to explore, to widen our experience, to have optimism, to believe in something better and greater and to find the laws to live by based on higher principles.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a time when we are inspired to learn more, to take a wider view, explore some new area of life or take off on some new adventure to find greener pastures. A time when the urge to break free from current responsibilities and commitments grows and discontent and dissatisfaction with the way things are increases. So this is a time for much ‘moving on’ from what was. Whether job, home, relationships, beliefs, interests, knowledge, anything that we feel is no longer enough for us or restricts us from going further and getting more out of life, we may leave behind. Such a desire for change, for freedom to further oneself, may seem irresponsible, but is necessary for growth and development. It is a time to initiate new projects and expand your activities so that you can experience life from a broader perspective. You may find that you can escape from some narrowing and inhibiting circumstance that has prevented you from realising your full potential.

Particularly with Uranus in Taurus during this time, bringing a shattering of old methods of provision and production and radical changes in the way we satisfy our basic needs, and with Pluto in Capricorn bringing challenges and turmoil to the Establishment, there may indeed be an urgency to explore other ways and means of gaining satisfaction and fulfilment in life.

During this time we can benefit by cultivating and using Sagittarian skills and qualities, such as honesty, open-mindedness, generosity and optimism, and by developing a spirit of adventure and the ability to open to new experiences and to explore what else life has to offer, and all importantly to have fun in the process! Such experiences can give us greater wisdom allowing us to better understand the world and the laws of life, to see the bigger picture. It is a time to search for a more principled and ethical way of life so we could meet preachers, teachers and mentors who really inspire us or make us question our beliefs and moral values. We can have our eyes opened to the bounty already freely available to us and start using to advantage what is usually ignored, wasted or thrown away. We can develop a more easy-come-easy-go attitude, being more generous in giving and sharing what we have, as well as more open to the generosity of others, without the sense of indebtedness or ownership. The free exchange of riches, goods, knowledge and wisdoms is likely to increase, whereby we give what we have to help others and take what is offered or available.

We can benefit from gaining a greater understanding of different belief systems, cultures and lifestyles, what might have previously been foreign to us. Opportunities to do this are likely to abound this year and we may well find ourselves going off to new places, travelling the world, or at least further afield, learning about different peoples and ways of life, studying such subjects as religion, politics or philosophy or learning a new language. Anything which encourages us to go beyond our usual parameters of thought and behaviour and open up to a greater, wiser understanding and  to see the bigger picture, will help us grow and feel more fulfilled.

We have the opportunity to develop and grow by looking at where we may have become stuck in the familiar, or narrow-minded in our thinking. There may be challenges to any bigotry and parochial or short-sighted attitudes, to make us more broadminded and forward looking, to increase tolerance and acceptance of others and their ways of life and to respect the freedom and the right of everyone to follow their own path. Opportunities arise for us to get involved in the rights and wrongs in society and understand that there is much more to life than our usual petty rules and routines. Restlessness and dissatisfaction are likely to increase as visions of a new future open up and increased riches and a better way of life are sought after.

THE JUPITER/SAGITTARIUS CYCLE  Jupiter takes approximately one year to move through each sign of the Zodiac, so the last time it was in Sagittarius was 12 years previous, or to be more exact, between 25 November 2006 and 18 December 2007. Can you remember what was happening in your life during that year? and 12 years before that? (December 1994 – January 1996), and 12 years before that? (December 1982 – January 1984). Can you see the pattern? How were your horizons broadened then? What kind of new expansion and learning became important for your future? The answers will give you an idea of what is in store for you during the forthcoming year. Though this time you should have greater wisdom and confidence to make the most of it!

RISING SIGN, SUN & MOON IN SAGITTARIUS  If your Rising Sign, Sun or Moon is in Sagittarius, then you especially can look forward to a time of great progress and change during the time period, with your confidence boosted and your horizons widened. With your natal Sun in Sagittarius your sense of success and recognition can make you feel very proud of who you are. Your creative juices are likely to be flowing and new projects and adventures make your life filled with joy and fun. With Sagittarius Rising, you may feel like you are emerging from an unreal, surreal time, where you have felt isolated or hidden in some way, as though you are emerging from a weird dream and now setting off anew, with your bags packed and ready for your travels to a new life. With your natal Moon in Sagittarius you are likely to experience great improvements in your home and family life, perhaps moving to a bigger, better home, to a situation that much better suits your needs, or to somewhere much further away to live. Or there could be an increase in the family, a greater sense of ‘family’ or perhaps a new pregnancy.

JUPITER’S RETURN  If you were born on or between any of the following dates:

25 Oct 47 – 15 Nov 48 17 Dec 69 – 30 Apr 70 27 Dec 82 – 19 Jan 84
11 Feb 59 – 24 April 59 15 Jan 71 – 5 Jun 71 10 Dec 94 – 3 Jan 96
6 Oct 59 – 1 Mar 60 12 Sep 71 – 6 Feb 72 25 Nov 06 – 18 Dec 07
11 Jun 60 – 26 Oct 60 24 July 72 – 25 Sep 72

when Jupiter was previously in Sagittarius, you will experience during this year what is known astrologically as Jupiter’s Return. This is a time associated with a strong urge for freedom and expansion, when you will want to improve yourself and explore and experience some new area of life, when new horizons open up to you and a new phase of your life begins.